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Ross Tierney Ross Tierney is a British citizen formerly working in the IT field. In 2000 however, he started his own company, Launch Complex Models, creating highly complex and extremely detailed scale models for both the professional and the enthusiast space industry. He has offices in both the UK and the US. Ross has written journalistic pieces for, thru which he networked with over 50 NASA design engineers and managers and other team members resulting in the initial DIRECT concept. Ross originally conceived what became DIRECT and was the original public face for the proposal, which was published in October of 2006, after almost a year of work and analysis.
Chuck Longton Chuck Longton is a Sr. Structural Design Specialist at General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp in Groton, Connecticut where he helps to manage a design group responsible for creating the tools required to build the nations nuclear submarine fleet. He has a total of 40 years in structural design, including Pratt & Whitney and the mighty Saturn-V F-1 engine. Chuck is an AIAA member.
Stephen Metschan Steve Metschan is Founder and President of TeamVision Corp, developer of the FrameworkCT software. FrameworkCT is a new class of business intelligence software focused on improving the early decision making process in large and complex organizations. Prior to founding TeamVision, Steve worked for the Boeing company on Advanced Engineering projects for NASA for over ten years. His primary focus was on the integration of Analysis, Design, Manufacturing, Finance and Marketing teams into a cohesive team framework to enhance the understanding of problems and their solutions for advanced space vehicle systems. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1989 from the University of Portland.
Philip Metschan Philip Metschan is an Art Director for film and video, working out of San Francisco, California. He is presently employed at Pixar Animation Studios on the upcoming feature "Wall.E," due for release in June of 2008. Prior to Pixar, Philip was a Visual Effects Art Director at George Lucas' premier visual effects studio, Industrial Light + Magic. During his tenure at ILM his credits included; Star Wars Episode 2 and 3, Hulk, War of the Worlds, and Transformers, just to name a few. Independently, he produces artwork for aerospace, games, and documentary films from his private studio, PrincipiaGraphica. Philip became involved with Direct v2.0 through his work for TeamVision on the Shuttle-Q project. In late 2006 the TeamVision and Direct v1.0 teams united to form Direct v2.0. Since this merger Philip has been in charge of producing all marketing materials and artwork for promoting and communicating the Direct v2.0 proposal.
Antonio Maia António Maia is a Portuguese citizen with background on Physics/Applied Mathematics - Astronomy (Universidade do Porto). He enjoys using self-learned skills on 3D/HTML/Multimedia to implement launch vehicles, spacecraft and other (mostly conceptual) related aerospace and astronautics designs in his favorite space simulator. Such effort usually results in videos, screenshots and orbitersim addons - freely available online - that everybody can try in the comfort of their home computers to simulate journeys to LEO, Moon, Mars and beyond (like was the case for the initial Direct proposal and for the currently ongoing work). People can visit his site at and also see the several ‘work in progress’ at
Charles Barraress Jr. Charles Barreras, Jr. is an historian currently working at a museum in South Carolina. He is responsible for public programs, public relations, and is restoring an early 19th century mansion to its original historic appearance. He has been in the museum field for almost twenty years, and has been involved with museums, public relations, promoting historic preservation and historic sites for almost as long. Charles first became involved in the DIRECT effort when he designed and built the presentation models of the Jupiter launch vehicles for the meeting with the Obama Administration transition team in 2009. He also designed and built the large-scale models displayed at the 2009 International Space Development Conference. He is the Public Affairs Officer for the DIRECT team.
Mike Metschan Mike Metschan is a marketing communications professional specializing in graphics and web design. He owns and operates Metschan Media, a home based design studio assisting small businesses with their marketing efforts. Mike was responsible for building and managing the Direct website as well as social media communications for the group.
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